When We Suffer

When it hurts, it’s hard to focus on anything else but the lingering pain. Hope seems so distant; if any, the only glimmer of hope is of a hypothetical reality when the pain goes away and life goes on like a normal day. Truth be told, it is hard to focus on anything but ourselves as we try to define the hurt that alienates and fills up the mind with a strange kind of juice. We may think we are the exception — that we’re the most miserable person walking on the planet. But we are not the exception — everyone has been there as well. Maybe not to the point where everything is identical, but everyone has their own share of the same breed of pain. Like the problem of sin incessantly trying to penetrate our skin, going deep into our hearts, we’ve all been there. There is none but one exception, Jesus Christ. Continue reading


Father, I Know Not

This is a short contemplative text written in form of a prayer. Inspired by writings about singleness especially from a Christian perspective (I wrote this the day after Valentines Day so there were quite some!), I decided to publish it as a personal reminder and hopefully, you will benefit from it as well. Continue reading